Google Toolbar Not Working For Firefox 5 & 6 – Work Around

September 9, 2011 Browsers, Internet Comment

Why Doesn’t the Google Toolbar Work In Firefox 5 or 6?

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking when I downloaded the newest update for Firefox. I actually got mad enough to write Mozilla and ask them why. Then with some more digging it appears Google is behind the madness. (Isn’t Google always behind it? lol)  I guess when you are as big as Google you can do what you want. It’s probably because they want everyone to switch to Chrome. Whoever has the gold makes the rules. When I update a browser or any software for that matter I expect it to be improved. As Firefox was loading it told me that approximately 7 add-ons weren’t compatible with the new Firefox. What the crap?

Anyways, to get Firefox 5+ to display the Google toolbar isn’t a hard fix. Here is how.

Step One: First open Firefox and go to “tools” and click on “add-ons”.

Step Two: Look to the left and under “Get Add-ons” , you’ll see “Extensions”. Click on that.

Step Three: Scroll down to the Google toolbar and click where it says ‘compatibility’. Highlight ‘this add-on still works’. It will prompt you that it still works. Restart the browser and it should be working again.


I noticed on some computers or browsers you don’t get the option to click ‘Compatibility’. If you don’t see this option, go to the page where you get to search for add-ons. Type in Google Toolbar and you should see a new google toolbar add-on that will work.

Here is what Terry from Mozilla wrote me when I asked him about why add-ons don’t work in the newer updates of Firefox.

Hi Jake,

It is up to any 3rd party developer to update their product, not the other way around.  If your add-ons are not updated, the developer could have abandoned his project.  Mozilla developed the Add-on Compatibility Reporter, which is mainly used for testing, but many users have been able to get add-ons working that are no longer supported.

If you want to stay with an older version, Firefox 3.6.x will be supported for a short time:

To turn off auto-updating, click Tools, Options, Advanced, Update tab.  First click on, “Ask me what I want to do”.  Then uncheck the three options above, and click OK.

If there is anything further I can assist you with, feel free to write back.


You learn something new everyday!!! Thanks Terry..

Written by Jake