Internet Terminology for Beginners – Glossary of Terms

December 9, 2011 Website Terminology Comment

Here is a list of common terms used today. For a more exhaustive list visit Wikipedia


This is basically what it says. There are several ways people can advertise on the internet. There are Google Ad sense ads. There are banner ads, and space can be purchased on sites relevant to a business

Ad Sense

Google’s program that enables a website to appear on the first page of a keyword search. Top listings go to the highest bidder. Other Search engines also offer some type of paid placement enabling a business to get to the top of other search engines also.

Anchor Text

Anchor Text is refers to the location of information that is linked to. Usually a hyperlink is referring to another article the other article is the anchor, or the source document.


Traffic that comes to a website from another website, usually called a link, graphic of chain links are used to portray a link on some sites


This word is a combination of web and log. Some sites have a blog allowing subscribers to communicate, and site owners to post comments to those interested. Some blogs are used by individuals as a social network medium.


Method of allowing an Internet site to be saved allowing an easy return to bookmarked site.

Cost Per Impression

Acronyms are CPI or CPM, these refer to the number and cost of impressions. These terms are used most frequently with online advertising and determining the value of specific search term.


Google is the most searched engine on the Internet.


The language used by computer programmers and web developers to create what is viewed on the Internet. It usually consists of images like this <h1> and </h1>.

HTTP 404

This is an indicator that the page was unable to load, typically indicating something is wrong with the site

Key Word

The words a person types into the search bar to view what they are interested in. These words are important to any successful SEO campaign.

Link Exchange

Links are the addresses on a website leading to another web site. They are typically underlined and in a different color. One component of SEO is exchanging links with other related websites.

Link Poularity

The amount and quality of links pointing to a site

Organic Search

Results that come up right below the paid search results or pay per click results. Good organic placement is the optimum goal of SEO

Reciprocal Links

Links that are a mutual link between two objects, commonly between two websites to ensure mutual traffic.

SEO Search Engine Optimization

Techniques used to see that a website has increased visibility on all search engines.

Search Engine

The vehicle that provides results for items of interest to Internet surfers. For example Google, Yahoo, and Bing are the biggest search engines.

Search Engine Submission

Submitting a website to the search engines.  This process is not done manually any more as there are bots, spiders, and crawlers that take care of the submission.

Sitemap Index

Index for website includes all pages on the site

Social Media

Blogs, RSS feeds and other social mediums like Facebook, which is considered a social networking service. Other forms of social media include would include Twitter and LinkedIn.

Snail Mail

Sending mail through the United States Post Office. Since the physical mail is so much slower than Email.


Unsolicited Email or other types of unwanted electronically generated information like the following instant messaging spam, Usenet newsgroup spam, Web search engine spam, spam in blogs, wiki spam, online classified ads spam, mobile phone messaging spam, Internet forum spam, junk fax transmissions, social networking spam, television advertising and file sharing network spam.


A person that posts comments that are rude, profane, or unrelated ,on blogs, forums, or chat rooms with the intent of starting an argument or enraging other readers.

URL Redirection

The practice of sending traffic sent to one URL or domain name, to another URL. Several domain names could be sent to the same website reducing the cost of creating several websites.

Video Blogging

Uploading video clips instead of written words as a means of social interaction

Web Browser

The computer program or software application used to obtain results from the Internet. Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome are the three most widely used.

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