Domain Names Explained

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Choose your Domain Name carefully

Domain name varieties
Domain extension options

When you buy a domain name you need to be careful to avoid any trademark infringements by using well known names in your domain, such as, you will run into trouble! Secondly be careful not to use a domain name too close to that of another internet marketer in your niche as they could decide that you are bringing their site into disrepute and attempt to sue you! This would happen when using personal names or unusual phrases so it is best to stick to your keyword research to give you ideas for domain names. It does not need to be expensive to buy a domain name although you do have to pay for renewal after a year and will also have to pay a registration fee (ICANN) which is only a few cents.

Some people are tempted by adverts for free domains but these are often what are called third level domains, so you have another company name in front of your domain name which makes your website address start to become long, unwieldy and hard to remember. Some hosting companies include free domain names as part of their hosting package which are fine as long as the hosting package suits your needs (see article on hosting).

Add-ons and Sub-domains

If you select the right hosting package you can have several domain names on one package and you use one as your main name and the others are add-ons but they show up in the web browser as their own names. Even easier if you have a general domain name and wanted to divide it into products you can use sub domains. An example might be as your main domain and would be a sub domain devoted to drills! This is also a cheap way to use one domain name for a range of related products you want to promote.

Extras offered by domain name companies

When you buy a domain name from a large company they may well offer you a hosting package and a number of extras. There is no right or wrong with this, it is important to read all the terms and conditions to decide whether you want the extras. Yes, you will need hosting, but you want to choose the best hosting for you, and yes you will need an email address. You also want a company that has domain management functions and good help guides so that if you get stuck then you can look up the information you need. Many companies also have online chat support which is great as they can answer your questions in minutes and there is never a stupid question!

To start with….

At the start you may want just one domain name and a basic hosting package all handled in one place for simplicity, but as you become more confident you will possibly consider several options and look at several companies for the best deals.  There is also the option to keep your registration details private so that people looking you up cannot see your address details, but you do have to pay for this, although some domain names come with this for free.

Secure site
Secure your site


One additional point, sites such as Facebook are becoming more security conscious and so require any company creating a Fanpage to have a secure site (SSL certificate) so you may want to plan ahead and make sure that you have at least one domain name with a security certificate attached. The easiest way to do this is to buy a very broad generic domain name, or buy your own personal name and use it as your main domain with an SSL certificate. You can get SSL certificates from either your domain name company or your hosting provider.


More experienced..

As you gain experience you are likely to have a number of domain names, learn to buy across different companies and be able to spot the deals out there. Keep an eye on the main domain name companies, they often have sales and special deals on, and if you are on the right mailing lists there are discount codes for domain names too!

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