Internet marketing 101- Branding

October 23, 2011 Internet, Marketing Comment

Why is a brand important?


There are a lot of people on the Internet selling similar products and one of the concerns for a buyer is the trustworthiness of the seller. If you decide that you want to try and make money online perhaps the single most important thing that you can do is to establish your credentials and develop your brand. In much the same way as you should start with a niche and then develop or identify a product, you should decide what you stand for rather than be yet another anonymous name selling affiliate products. People do not buy items from an outlet, they buy from people they know trust and like. If you are a bland corporate sounding name with no personality they will have little empathy with you and are unlikely to buy from you for any reason other than a low price. As most affiliate products sell for the same price you need to learn to add value to whatever you are selling and part of adding value is to add personality.

Does a brand have to be a person?

Obviously there are many companies on the internet and the high street that are non personal, but they still have an identity and a personality. In corporate terms these are referred to as a Mission Statement and Core Values. As a newcomer to internet marketing it may seem very daunting to think of selling yourself before your product and if you are quite shy it can seem very scary to put your face at the top of the page! However, most people when visiting a blog or a website will go and have a look at the “About” page to see exactly who is selling and responsible for the site.  You need to decide what kind of approach you are going to take to your marketing but also what you stand for and what sort of business person you want to be. A good way to do this is to brainstorm some words, adjectives or nouns that you think describe your personality and your values. It does not matter if some of those words are negative; these are simply traits you need to keep an eye on and if you are lacking in knowledge in certain areas then go and learn about them!

What about a logo?

A lot of people get hung up on the design elements of establishing a web presence and spend fruitless hours trying to design logos and snappy phrases; my advice is don’t! Your name can be your logo, or your initials or a simple tree or shape…when you are very well established then you will naturally have better ideas for these elements of your marketing. If you waste time on design you will never get a blog or site set up and you will not make any money! The simplest way to establish your presence is through your blog, and the next few articles will explore the art of blogging in further detail.



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Written by Jake