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Researching your niche, part 2, Clickbank and other marketplaces

Choosing your niche wisely means not signing up for any affiliate programs and jumping in to try promoting products until you have completed your research, but none of the research needs to take too long! It is a good idea to check out Clickbank, but not to sell any products at first, simply to use it as a research tool and then be ready to promote products once you have got yourself organized. Clickbank is the Internet marketers marketplace for Digital Products which are easiest to sell because there are no shipping costs!

See below for Clickbank information and sign up process (for later).

  • is the web address
  • Affiliates are people who promote other products
  • Vendors are those who sell their products on Clickbank (hopefully you in the future)

ClickbankThe Clickbank sign up form is below (you don’t have to at this point, but it is a good idea to check it out to find out what information you will need to provide in the future)

VERY important – your account nickname is your CLICKBANK ID and is how you are recognized and PAID commission     

How to use Clickbank for research

Click on Marketplace to see what products are selling

Niche research
Clickbank Marketplace

Under Categories you have a list of broad niches in which there are products you can promote.

Clickbank will give you advice, worth reading that helps you understand affiliate marketing. bear this in mind for later.


Right now, you want to do some research into the broad niches, break them down to smaller niches and see what products are selling!

Niche Research narrowed down

If you browse through the categories you will see that they have sub categories, smaller niches within the broad groups of interest. How do we know what is selling well and is therefore a “hungry market” with “hungry buyers”? I am going to show you an example, based upon the Health and Fitness market, which will also be used as an example when we look at physical products that sell well.

Niche markets
Health and Fitness Niche Categories

When you click on Health and Fitness, you will also see the drop down menu splits this niche into 16 sub niches, and on the page you will see a list of products available for sale in this market.

 Here you have a list of categories, broad niches you might be interested in and on the same page you will find Digital products that are selling, and for which you could become an affiliate.

You need to set the sort function to Gravity – this will give you the results in order of most successful affiliate promotions – and will tell you what is selling well. You can see that the Weight Loss and Fitness areas are top selling markets.

Fitness niche
Weight Loss is Popular

However, these areas are very competitive, so when you are thinking about your niche, you may want to look at less competitive areas, or narrow your focus to a smaller sub niche of customers, e.g. Losing weight for a wedding, or getting fit at fifty!

You do not have to just sell digital products, so you can also research for physical products and identify niches that way.

Researching physical products

Other marketplaces to check out are Commission junction, E bay to see what sells well,  and Amazon, their bestseller lists will give you an idea for niches..and their category lists are essentially niche lists!

Health Niche
Health products

For more detailed niche research we are going to look at the Health industry and use a company called MarketHealth  ( for the purpose of our example.Please note, there are a lot of affiliate marketing programs on the web, at this stage we are simply looking at a couple as a form of research.

Click on the “Offers” tab in MarketHealth and then you can browse to see what products are currently being promoted.

Health Niche
Health niche areas


If you use the drop down menu you will see the products by name, most are clearly showing what they do, such as anti-aging products! Or you can browse by general category.  What you will notice almost immediately is that all these products aim to “solve a problem” which is basically what Internet marketing is almost always about; people searching for solutions to a problem and you providing them the solution.

Have you found your niche?

By now you should have a good idea of what solutions are currently being promoted on the Internet and whether you have any knowledge in any of these areas. Think about what products you, yourself might buy and then think about products you have bought but were not that good! Could you produce a better product or service? Is there now a niche area that you would feel comfortable in? Do not worry if you don’t know everything about a topic, frankly, nobody does. All successful internet marketers keep learning, from the internet itself! If there is something you want to know, go find out, learn how to search the web, a lot of people search badly and just want someone to provide a quick and easy solution, you could be that somebody! Next steps…what is a product?

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Written by Jake