Internet Marketing 101 – Making Money Online The Right Way

September 26, 2011 Internet, Marketing Comment

Introduction to Article Series

Internet marketing can seem an alien world full of people who use a lot of jargon and casually talk about 4-figure, 5-figure and 6-figure per month earnings, a dazzling proposition! These pages and posts are for those of you new to internet marketing and are intended to help you cut through the jargon and the hype and offer common sense, easy to understand explanations of the basics of this industry.

The dream…..

For those of you that dream of; working for yourself; quitting the 9 to 5; making money online, all those magic phrases, internet marketing seems to be the answer! However, there are many pitfalls on the road to riches, and many others with the exact same idea of making enough money through the Internet to be able to afford the houses, cars and holidays of their dreams. Don’t misunderstand me, the market is big enough, the possibility of earning good money is there, but there are a number of key criteria for being successful online.

The reality…..

Very few people actually make it rich online by pushing a few buttons and sitting back while their bank balance grows. This is not Alice in Wonderland; you cannot take one pill to grow larger and another to make you smaller. With hard work and the right tools you can succeed but you need to stay focused and ignore the get-rich-quick schemes and hold tight to your dollars, pounds and Euros! The market is full of Internet marketers who are getting rich…selling unsuspecting would-be-entrepreneurs a lot of software, courses and ebooks on, you guessed it, getting rich online! It is a bizarre form of salesmanship; selling how to get rich products without ever doing it themselves, other than by selling products claiming to be the answer!

The way forward…

The Internet is changing and growing, but in many ways the number of players in the market is shrinking. In much the same way that large department store style retailers such as Walmart have squeezed out mom and pop businesses so large online giants such as Amazon and E bay are squeezing out the smaller internet marketer. However, as with offline business, so online business always has room for innovation, specialism and entrepreneurship. Consumers love the small guy fighting back against the big giant, and they love the individual attention from their favorite retailer who truly knows their needs and wants. In marketing terms this is called niche marketing, focused marketing meeting specific needs, the total opposite to one-size-fits-all selling. So, if you can position your product or service to meet a specific need; have an original approach to marketing that product or service and can make sure that your potential customer gets to hear about it; you have a good chance of a profitable enterprise.

The tools…

As with any business, you need some basic tools to help you to succeed online. This series of articles will outline what you need and where to get these tools, generally for free but in specific cases you will have to invest some money. There are some critical tools, some helpful and some that are great if you can afford them, but nor necessary for success. However, above all, you need the right approach to making money online and a strong focus on your goals as you will find that there are many distractions!

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Written by Jake