Internet Marketing 101 – Start With Something You Know

September 29, 2011 Internet, Marketing Comment

Start With Something You Know

You are probably going to say to yourself, but I know very little about internet marketing, that’s why I am reading this blog! However, in order to become an internet marketer ultimately you need to have some kind of product to market. This does not have to be your product, although true success will be when it is your product. More importantly you need to avoid the trap of turning your online “work” into something that is so similar to your offline work that you begin to hate it as much as your current job!

Enjoy what you do…

So, in order to succeed at internet marketing you need to enjoy it, as this will keep you motivated to learn and will keep you going during the set up process. If you want to make money online then you need to enjoy the work as your enthusiasm will be a key marketing factor. You may be in a job where you know you could do better if only you were doing it for yourself and were not hampered by the way the company operates. You could have a hobby which is the only thing that keeps you sane while you slog through your 9 to 5.

You may have always had a dream to do a certain type of work, and know a lot about it but are not getting the breaks in the offline world. Whatever your motivation for wanting to make money online and become an Internet marketer, this is your source of inspiration for how you will achieve that dream.
There are plenty of examples of people succeeding online with their hobbies and interests, too many to list, so instead I shall explain where money can be made and how you have to position yourself. In essence, online marketing is very simple, and can be defined as five steps;

  1. Find a market that has a problem
  2. Identify if that market is spending money to solve that problem
  3. Find a product that helps solve the problem
  4. Market that product to the potential buyers
  5. Receive payment for that product…then go back to step 1!

Like any business, internet marketing has its own jargon, so I will explain steps 1 to 5 in Internet marketing speak!

  1. Identify a niche market and its keywords
  2. Identify competitor spend on advertising and volume of search results
  3. Sign up for an affiliate program or develop your own product
  4. Build a website/squeeze page and get traffic to your offer
  5. Receive payment through Clickbank or Paypal or credit card

Don’t worry if some of the above sounds like total gobbledygook! The purpose of this series of posts is to help demystify the jargon and arm you with the tools you need to succeed.

The main point of all this is to make sure that you are comfortable with what you want to sell, as it is proven that selling something you have knowledge or interest in is far easier than selling a random product simply because it pays well. Frankly, if you try to sell a product you do not understand or are uneasy with, you will be beaten by your competitors who are seasoned and experienced in the field! There may be some of you who are now worried that you have no hobbies or interests but that is simply because you have not looked at your own knowledge in a positive light.

What do you know?

The answer is, that you know far more than you realize and that knowledge can be translated into information that people are willing to pay for with a product that matches the knowledge and meets a need. A good starting point is your work history; if you have any qualifications and experience in a certain field then you can produce a guide to working in that field effectively or a layman’s guide to understanding that area of employment. If you have overcome any obstacles in your life, such as an illness, bereavement, a divorce or separation, that knowledge is valuable to others going through the same trials and tribulations. If you paint, play an instrument, cook, are handy with tools, sew, knit, fix your own car, all these practical skills are useful to others who are less skilled. Maybe you have fostered children, raised teenagers, cared for an elderly relative, lost weight, given up smoking..the list goes on.

So, how do you find out if something in your life could become a product that people would pay for? The next article goes into more detail, but I shall leave you with a summary of the four main profit making niches online, and they are very broad! Making money online, is itself a profitable niche, but is definitely best left to those who have actually managed to make an income from the Internet! The next broad niche is Health and Fitness, next we have Relationships (which covers everything from dating to parenting) and finally the Self-Help niche. Basically, human beings are interested in and spend most money on Wealth, Health, Love and Happiness! Within those niches there is a very broad spectrum of interests and certainly you need to narrow it down to be effective. In addition there are a lot of hobbies and interests that people have and for which they are willing to spend money on gaining knowledge or finding the answer to a problem. Finally, you may have technical or literary skills for which you can be paid money by other internet marketers. Next up; researching a niche.

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Written by Jake