Internet Marketing 101 – What is a product?

October 17, 2011 Internet, Make Money, Marketing Comment

What is a product?

As an internet marketer you have two choices of what to sell; other people’s products or your own products. The first choice is less complicated but with the second you have more control and ultimately will make more money online (if your product is good!)

Digital or Physical Products?

What exactly is a product on the internet? You can sell both digital and physical products on the Internet plus you can sell your services, your time, and your advice. All of these are products that can make you money online. The absolutely simplest product to sell is a digital product that can be downloaded immediately upon payment being accepted; this could be in the form of a video, an audio, or an Ebook, usually sold in PDF format.

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Selling your products

Sometimes a product is a piece of software, a whole program or a plug-in; sometimes it could be entry to a membership site where there are courses and products for download.  Physical products are often supplied by someone else, for example Amazon, where you have signed up as an affiliate basically to promote a product which is then delivered by Amazon to the customer and Amazon pay you for supplying the buyer. There are still customers who do not go to the Amazon site when searching for their product need and also they want to know about all the products in that field so will continue searching until they think they have a good deal.

If you review the different products for the customer on your website, explaining the pros and cons and also adding your personal touch, they then feel that they have done enough research to buy and will click on the product they like, get taken to the Amazon check out, purchase and you will get a commission. Understand, the commission is not huge and there is a lot of competition in the field but you can make money online this way. A more detailed assessment of the Amazon marketplace will be covered in another article.

Amazon is not the only supplier of physical products who will pay you a commission if you bring them a customer. Some companies will pay you for leads, which are customers who click through to another website; others will pay you when that customer buys. The main point here is that the customer is buying a physical product that you do not have to deliver and you do not have to support after purchase; your job is to warm up the customer and get them ready to buy!

Choose your products carefully…

As an affiliate you can focus on doing good promotions and possibly advertising in order to get your customers to buy a product from someone else. Many of these companies will offer you a lot of promotional material and very high commissions at the outset because they are making money online on other products from that client later on, or are selling upgrades to the first product. Some affiliate programs are better than others; see Affiliate marketing what you need to know and some are frankly terrible! As a rule of thumb, you should look carefully at the actual website for the product and think about whether you would buy it, and this is easier if it is a product that you might buy rather than one you would never be in the market for purchasing. This goes back to selecting products to promote and market online that hold an interest for you, or in which you have some experience. I also, personally, think you should steer away from products that are morally questionable or do not sit comfortably with your beliefs as you are here because you want a better life not one where you compromise your principles!



Alternatively, you may decide that making money online is best achieved by marketing your own skills as your product. If you write well, or have a good eye for design, or are able to work in HTML or PHP then there is a market online for your skills. There are a lot of internet marketers who outsource many of their daily tasks to others who are quicker at say, writing articles, programming code, or designing logos. You may discover that the internet is the perfect outlet for your creative skills and although you are still working for somebody else, it will be as a freelancer and you can choose as many or as few jobs as you want.

Whatever your product or service there are some basic tools you will need and a certain amount of understanding how the different avenues work for making money online.

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