Pay Per Click Advertising – Google VS Facebook

September 7, 2011 Internet, Marketing Comment

Google has dominated the internet search world for years. Yahoo and MSN have a large audience but nothing compares to Google. Until now. Facebook has grown faster than any other internet website. According to, Facebook had around 128 million visitors each month in 2010. A year later they are almost at 150 million visitors a month. That’s about 20.2 million new visitors than the previous year. One advantage Facebook has over Google, in my opinion, is user loyalty. Most Facebook users will log on to their account several times a day. And unless you are an internet marketer, you probably only use Google, once per day, if that. I think in the near future, Facebook has a good chance at surpassing the incumbent internet king Google. Now lets talk about the different advertising options Google and Facebook offer. They both a huge user base so getting traffic to your site won’t be hard if you have a solid monthly advertising budget. Below is a snapshot of how many visitors are using Facebook and Google each month. (Keep in mind these are rough estimates and not an exact number.)

Google Adwords Pay Per Click

Pros: Because Google is the largest internet web engine you’ll obviously get the most exposure when you sign up for an Adwords account. Google has come along way in developing this advertising model and since I have used it for many years, can testify that it does work and can bring quality results. However, if you have never used it, then you may be in over your head. Make sure you get some help from an SEO company or Google themselves when setting up an Adwords account. If you don’t then you’ll notice your bank account will start to empty pretty quick.

Cons: Google has been known for poor customer service for years. Until recently they have not had a phone number you could call to get help. They are one of the largest business’s in the world and you can’t get a hold of a real person to save your life. I have noticed recently that you can call Adwords and get help setting up your account. So this is a new and completely necessary.

Facebook Pay Per Click

Pros: Facebook is set up similar to Adwords but in my opinion it’s actually easier to finish a campaign. One of the best tools that Facebook offers is the type of audience you can target. If you are a business looking to help retirees you can set your campaign settings to only show your ad to people 55 and older. This way you don’t waste any money on teenagers or other young people who don’t need the service. Another example would be if you are trying to sell feminine products to the female population. Also, Facebook is a little cheaper than Adwords, so it’s worth a try.

Cons: In my experience the only downfall I have seen is most people who are on Facebook are not looking for specific help or services. So placing an ad when Facebook users are not expecting it can result in lower sales conversions. They will usually visit your site due to curiosity. People who use Google will be looking and searching for a product. When they see your ad they will more likely purchase.

These pros and cons are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to advertising online. Both companies offer a huge amount of settings and options when it comes to targeting your future customers. Google and Facebook have their pros and cons, but for the most part they can be very successful and necessary for most companies. If you are in need of help setting up a Adwords or Facebook advertising campaign, let me know and I’ll be more than happy to help you out.

Written by Jake