Your Website: An Under-Utilized Employee

May 27, 2015 Internet, Internet Web Design, Marketing Comment

I focus a lot of my time educating business owners/individuals that their website can be so much more than an interactive brochure. Your website can be a valuable part of your team. It can work with and directly support your sales, customer service, PR and marketing. It’s best do design your site around one solid core goal and work small goals in around that concept. Let’s say you establish that you’re a soloprenuer and you really need your website to generate leads that you can connect with and sell to. We would design your site around funneling your visitors to take a specific action resulting in the acquisition of their contact information. This could be getting them to download a free ebook or piece of collateral or maybe it’s getting them signed up for a free consultation or taking a survey. A supporting goal of this would be the creation of an email list that you can mass market to and continue to grow. This is where the importance of your web copy comes in. As I mentioned in previous blogs…spend REAL time on your copy and use it to guide visitors step by step through your site…resulting in them taking a specific action. If you’re concerned that your website isn’t dialed in enough, contact us for a FREE 30 minute consultation. Many times, some small adjustments can make a huge difference in your success online!

photo credit: bob via photopin (license)

Written by Chad Wittrock