You’re not Advertising Online…Why Not?!

February 16, 2015 Internet, Marketing Comment
Credit: Daniele Pieroni

Marketing is an investment and like any investment the returns are not guaranteed. It’s scary…especially if it’s a medium you’re not really familiar with. As a business owner, especially if you have a brick and mortar location, you most likely have newspaper sales reps and radio sales reps telling you how superior they are. There’s nothing wrong with either those mediums – both have their place and both may benefit your business. The point is to look at your advertising and make sure it’s reaching your target audience and potential customers.

Digital advertising has a couple of perks over other forms of media.

1) You select and target specific regions and demographics. You can be extremely specific, unlike newspaper advertising. From age, location to interests and activities most forms of digital advertising allow you to really dial in your prospects.

2) Metrics…you can easily see how many people have seen your ad as well has how many people have clicked your ad. You can track the success of a campaign with ease and make adjustments as needed…even in the middle of a campaign.

3) Digital marketing can favor small budgets. If you have a small budget in other mediums it usually means a really small black & white newspaper ad or a really short radio ad. Don’t get me wrong these can still be done and even done well, however there’s MORE risk involved. If you have a niche market or product digital advertising allows you to direct that ad at precisely who you want to be seeing it…maximizing your dollars.

4) It’s a good place to start if you’ve just launched your first website for your business. We do a lot of web design and we try to prepare our clients not to get stuck in the “if you build it they will come” mentality when it comes to their website launch. (Especially if it’s their first or initial site.) Many believe once we launch they’ll be flooded with traffic….not true. As with any product or service, the website need to be marketed effectively and have a specific purpose within your business. Pay-per-click digital advertising is a great place to start for this purpose as is Adwords and SEO.

Don’t be afraid to include digital marketing as part of your advertising arsenal!

Photo Credit Daniele Pieroni

Written by Chad Wittrock