The Importance of Your Website Copy Pt. 1

December 8, 2014 Marketing Comment
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“Hello, welcome to our website. We make cogs and we have since 1917. Click here to contact us.

Sound like your website? Actually if your homepage says “Welcome to our website…” you should stop reading this now and contact us. There are a lot of poorly designed websites out in the vast ocean known as the world wide web (trivia- that’s where they get the www.), but there are even more that have poorly written copy.

It’s easy to get tunnel vision when it comes to redesigning your site. SO much emphasis is given to the aesthetics. You make sure the color palette is perfect…all the layout elements are in the right place, maybe you even splurge on professional photography. The site is looking great …borderline perfect, and you’re ready to hop up from your desk and do a cartwheel as you are basked in light rays from heaven. This site is going to take my business to the next level, you whisper to yourself.

Launch is two days away, you’re approving the design and you realize we better plug in some content…or worse we better plug in some content, quick. So with a rapid click of the keyboard you knock out …Welcome to our website…followed by the most professional content you can think of. After all, they taught us in school businesses should ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS sound professional if they want to be taken seriously. That means no slang, no contractions, no run-on sentences or fragments – and of course chalked full of internal technical jargon that doesn’t benefit your customers or potential customers in the slightest because they have no idea what it means.

Trust me, I understand. It’s hard to justify paying someone to write words. Copywriting/content creation is usually the first thing to get cut in the budget (if it’s even included to start with). Depending on the route you’re taking to have your website designed you may have to hire a separate copywriter if you’re even interested in the service to begin with.

Don’t underestimate the power of good copy. Design can capture…copy SELLS…copy CONVERTS! Think of the websites and advertising that really draw you in. It’s the copy that keeps your attention and gets you to do something. Whether it’s buy a product, request information or sign up for an email newsletter.

XYZ Co. manufactures the strongest cogs in the industry and we have been doing so since 1917. This means less wear, less downtime and increased production. Double your output without costly repairs or replacements…learn more.

A cog’s not just a cog. We love cogs so much that we’ve spent the last 97 years developing the strongest, longest lasting cog in the industry.

Just a couple quick options, but the point is good copy doesn’t have to be stuffy to be professional. It should reflect the voice of your company and brand. If you’re working on your website on your own – take some time to jot down the true benefits of your product or service and make sure they’re incorporated in an easy to find easy to read way on your website.

Remember, great copy is an investment that’s sure to get returns!

Stay tuned…Part Two : Microcopy is coming soon. Yes, there’s more important copy to consider.

Written by Chad Wittrock