Local Marketing – Google Loves It! Google Helps Local Businesses

July 26, 2013 Marketing Comment

Local Marketing, Google loves it!

If you are a local brick and mortar business you may be used to using business listing pages and advertising in your local press. You may think the Internet is for online business only and is not relevant for your company. You couldn’t be more wrong!

Research shows that people search the Internet before stepping outside of the door to make a purchase. Yes, they want to visit your store or business, but they want to find out about you before they do so. The great thing about these kinds of local searches is that the decision to buy has already been partly made. Your customer already knows they want the product or service. Now they are trying to figure out who to buy from.

Google helps local business

Google is very helpful in this instance. They know the area the search is coming from and nine times out of ten will suggest a local solution in the search results. Yes, you may be competing with the likes of Amazon if you are providing physical products such as gardening equipment, but people still like to see what they are buying! This also applies to services. Most people feel more comfortable dealing with real human beings on the phone or in person. So, if you live in St George and want someone to design you a website, you are likely to search on St George web design or a broader search such as Utah SEO companies. Google will oblige and bring back searches related to local companies.

Google Places

Have you completed your Google places profile? This is specifically aimed at local business and Google favours these entries over other more general ones. However, when someone sees your Google places entry, they are twice as likely to click on the entry that has a website address than one that simply lists a physical address. You are missing out if you do not have an Internet presence for your business. This does not have to be an all singing all dancing highly technical website! If you understand the buying process, you know that people prefer to buy from those they know, like and trust. Much of this for a local business depends on the customer service the client gets when they encounter the business. However, you need them to walk through the door first!

Websites give local business authority and professionalism

Before they buy, customers like to know something about the company they are buying from. A website gives you the opportunity to personalise the buying experience. You can promote your unique selling point; your family business history; your special deals. Your search engine optimised website will draw your customer in and remove buying barriers. Talk to a website specialist about your style and your objectives and they will create a website that is tailored to your customer profile. Let Premier SEO put your business on the world-wide-web map.

Written by Jake