Why Do I Need My Website When I Have Social Media?

November 17, 2014 Marketing Comment
Social Media Matters

“I have a good number of likes, my followers are engaged and I post a few times week. With social media, why do you I have to worry about a website? Especially since social media isn’t costing me anything.”

I’ve had varying versions of this conversation quite a bit over the years. From businesses of all sizes with all types of marketing budgets. From a sales perspective, it’s a valid objection. Why do I need this and what’s it going to cost me?

First I’ll address the why…

A company’s website acts as the central hub of their entire online identity. Almost all buying decisions are researched online first. No matter how great your social media accounts are it’s hard to lay out the benefits of your products or services in a way that’s easy to follow and easy to understand, let alone get a potential customer to take a direct action. Your social media accounts should focus on funneling visitors to your website.

Your website is also under your direct control and is much easier to adapt to the peaks and valleys of the social/digital trends. What if next week your favorite platform decides it’s going to stick-it-to-the-man and not allow business pages or accounts anymore? What if the platform makes an adjustment so that all the people who have liked your page can’t see your updates unless they’re now subscribed to you. (Remember when Facebook did something similar to this?) Maybe 10 years ago you built a huge following on Myspace for your music production business – who do you know uses Myspace now?

What’s it going to cost me?

A website should be viewed as an investment more than a cost. A well designed website serves a specific purpose and helps the business reach pre-determined goals. Whether that be lead generation, downloads, email list building, or product sales. This involves not only well thought out and purposeful design but also careful consideration of functionality, copy and call(s) to action. Your website should also compliment and build upon your other marketing efforts both digital and traditional.

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Written by Chad Wittrock