Using Infographics on your Website

Using Infographics on your Website

We have all heard the saying; “A picture paints a thousand words” well the same is true for your website presence. A good website will contain graphics that enhance the content, attract attention and send a message. Images that are clickable can lead your visitor to a special offer or more content. You want your website visitors to stay on your website and images are good for this. People are naturally drawn to pictures. Many are visual learners who shy away from text heavy information.

The internet is a fast moving place and it is important your website looks fresh and interesting. The latest innovation in graphics and text is the infographic. This combines information with strong images and clear navigation from image to text. It allows your visitor a way to access key points about your business or product.

Why infographics can enhance your website

As children we all learnt to read starting with picture books. Your website visitor wants to enjoy your website. They want to be able to move around the site easily and understand what you are telling them. Your focus may be to sell them a product or get them to sign up to your email list but first you have to keep them on your site! Too much text may make your visitor lose interest. If information is difficult to digest they will surf away from your site. Infographics are a great alternative to information overload. Through the combination of images and text and arrows for example; you can help your visitor to move through the information easily.

Simple connections between pieces of information make for an easy reading experience.


What can you use infographics for?

Sometimes you simply want to entertain your website visitor. Images combined with funny quotes and amusing statistics can offer a more light-hearted visitor experience. Other times you want to offer some useful educational information. Infographics are great for “How To” articles and more palatable than lengthy instructions. You can also use infographics to link key pieces of information about your business in a more personal fashion. If you have great photos of your product or service then linking them together in a n infographic adds value to the images. It also creates a connection with the user. You are the expert in your field but sometimes expert language is difficult to process. Clear images, plus bit sized pieces of information make your expertise more accessible.

Visitors share infographics

A bonus to having good infographics on your website is that they are likely to be shared. This increases your potential website visitor numbers as your information travels around the web. The infographic needs to be good for this to happen and it is best to employ a professional graphic designer to make your infographic. At Premier SEO we have a great artist who can bring your information alive and create a great visitor experience with well placed infographics. For more information on the importance of graphic design for your website, see our article, Importance of Good Graphics

Written by Jake