List Of Annoying Internet Scammers – Report Spam Names, Emails, Numbers, Lottery, Wire etc.

September 8, 2011 Random Stuff, Scammers Comment

Look Familiar???!!

Nothing is more annoying than getting spammed by robots that creep around the web sending lame emails to half the country. What’s more annoying is the people behind these emails. When an unsuspecting person receives an email and thinks it’s legit, they’ll respond to it. Then the spammer will obviously know that they have a new victim to torment. The best thing we can do is come together and black list these scammers.

One of the most annoying emails I get is stating I won or inherited a million dollars and all I have to do is claim my winnings. Who falls for this stuff? Well apparently people do. It must work or the scammers would not bother doing it.

It may be hard to put a stop to these guys, because new ones come on the web everyday. However, it’s worth a try. Here is a list I started with ones I get everyday. Look familiar? Share your thoughts and feelings.

If you want to report them to the most common email providers, here is where to do it.


Scammer/Spammer List

From: Todd joel []
From: barorg mark []
From: frank lee []
Name:Colin Robert
Tel :+31 647 250 558

Written by Jake