How to use keywords in your website content

June 10, 2013 SEO Comment

Choosing the most effective keywords for your website content

When you start to write content for your website you will read a lot of articles about keywords and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). There is a bit of an assumption that you know what keywords are and which ones are the best to use on your site! The truth is, there are THOUSANDS of keywords and keyword phrases you’d never think of.

Keyword stuffing

Google has this complex algorithm which assesses your website based upon the relevance of your content. Its cyber spiders crawl around the web checking for certain words and phrases used by people searching for information. It tries to match as accurately as possible these search terms with those appearing on the millions of sites across the web. However, Google is smart and is not going to be fooled by sites that read like a third graders attempt at spelling the same word over and over again! In other words; if your content is “stuffed” full of search terms and not much else, Google will read that as an attempt to spam potential visitors.

Since the famous Penguin and Panda updates, many people are worried about the use of keywords. They have read advice that says, avoid keywords altogether, just write naturally and the Google spiders will find you! What exactly are they going to find? Entertaining tales of Uncle George in the garden are great for books and chatty blogs; not much good for selling patio furniture.

Simple rules for use of Keywords

  • 1. Imagine YOU were searching for patio furniture, what would you type into the search bar?
  • 2. Are your customers searching for a specific type of patio furniture, say made from wicker?
  • 3. Do they want to compare different types of patio furniture?
  • 4. Do they need patio furniture for a particular purpose?
  • 5. Maybe they are looking for a bargain, who isn’t nowadays?
  • 6. How would these questions translate into natural keywords that you would include in your content?
  • 1. Patio furniture sets
  • 2. Wicker patio chairs/sets/furniture/Resin wicker patio furniture
  • 3. Reviews of patio furniture/ Martha Stewart patio furniture/ Best patio furniture
  • 4. Bar patio furniture, balcony height patio furniture
  • 5. Clearance patio furniture/ patio furniture sale/discount patio furniture

This is a tiny selection of the actual keywords people are using when they search for patio furniture. It gives you an idea of how many different words and phrases you can include in your content to be found by your potential customers. If you vary the phrases that you use and write naturally then when the spiders come looking they will see your site as relevant and not artificial.

Using an SEO specialist

It still pays to consult the experts on your contents’ appeal to the search engines. Write your articles with an eye on a selection of natural sounding keywords and then ask an expert to check it over. There are tricks of the trade which will enhance your content and give it Google appeal. Here at Premier SEO we have been writing content and optimizing websites successfully for a long time. We can even write your content for you should you wish. Strategic use of keywords is still a crucial part of optimizing your website and it starts with research, which we have covered in previous blog posts. One of the main problems most website owners run into, is expecting to show up on Google right when their website is finished. SEO is an ongoing and tedious process. Give us a call today and we can explain to you how SEO works and we can work with you to setup a detailed plan to get you in the search engines.

Written by Jake