Is SEO really dead? Using SEO properly

June 5, 2013 SEO Comment

Has SEO died? NO!

There has been much talk in the Internet press recently about the “death” of SEO, mostly by those trying to sell their own products to enhance traffic! So, let’s look at this scaremongering and the facts about search engine optimization. You have a beautiful website. It has great graphics, lots of relevant content and a great offer for visitors. However, as far as Google is concerned you don’t exist! This is because your site is confusing; it is difficult to figure out what exactly you are trying to say. However much content there is on your site, if there aren’t any keywords that let Google know what you are about, you won’t appear in search engine results.

How do your visitors find you?

There are those who would have you believe that if you throw up a Facebook page and pay for a lot of adverts then visitors will come flocking to your site. Sure, having a social presence will enhance your business and get you some traffic. However, if your website isn’t properly optimized, that traffic will dwindle away. Google is still the master of search engines. They have been hammering poorly designed sites full of spammy comments and paid for back links. Their algorithms are a mystery to your average website owner, which is why you need to employ experts in the field. Your visitor is usually searching on keywords related to your business and Google does its best to help them find the most appropriate website. This is never more so than with local businesses. Google loves local business; heck they even added Google places to help website surfers find them! However, if your content is just stuffed full of, say, Atlanta dentist, and no decent content they will probably pull your site down!

Using SEO the right way

If you find Google and its whole Penguin/Panda…Panther next maybe, totally perplexing then use your head; find an expert. Your website should make sense to your potential customer. It should contain words that are relevant to your business and their needs. These should be naturally contained in decent informative articles that give value to the visitor. Your back links should also make sense. Why on earth would a dentist have a lot of back links to blogs on fishing? Maybe if fishing is a passion of the dentist it would make sense? However, if your site is illogical, your visitor will surf away pretty quickly. An SEO expert, such as Premier SEO will ensure that not only does your website look good; it makes sense. Visitors should land on your pages because they contain information that they are searching for. The content should have more than just relevant keywords it should satisfy the visitors needs.

Understanding the value of SEO for your website

Clearly the purpose of having a web presence is to attract visitors. Ideally you want your site on page one of Google; the Holy Grail of visibility. Don’t spend your valuable time struggling with SEO when there are those out there who know more than you and can make it work. SEO is not dead; it simply has changed, become more complex and requires a professional to make it work properly. You want your site found and search engine optimization still enables your site to be seen by Google. Relevant SEO is still the most effective way to ensure that your visitors and customers will find you!

Written by Jake