What is a (CMS) Content Management System?

September 3, 2013 Internet Web Design Comment

What is a CMS? Do I need one for my website?

CMS stands for Content Management System. So what is all the hype about CMS? If you’re somewhat new to internet design and development you’ll want to listen carefully. A content management system can greatly increase your overall productivity and efficiency if you use your website to find leads or generate online business. A CMS usually consists of two types of elements. The Content Management Application and the Content Delivery Application. With a properly built CMS, you and your organization can easily manage website files, images and users. You can also assign certain users to certain areas. This is useful if you need to give someone access to only the pages section of your Content Management System.

Features of a Content Management System

The most common features of a CMS include content creation, image uploading, and SEO tools. Many web development companies offer their own version of a CMS. There are dozens of CMS platforms, but I’ll spend time on WordPress. WordPress is one of the best Content Management System platforms on the net today. The reason being, is the flexibility it offers right out of the box. Matt Cutts, the Google front man, explains the benefits of WordPress to rank well on Google. Watch the video here. If you are not a savvy HTML coder, you’ll really love WordPress.

How Can WordPress Help as a CMS?

WordPress offers thousands of plugins that can help you with your website’s overall marketing goals. WordPress has many SEO tools that can help you format your content correctly so it will be indexed by the search engines. You can also install plugins for many types of business niches. WordPress CMS can even run eCommerce platforms that will allow you to manage products, take orders and sell virtually anything. In the WordPress backend, you’ll find a section called widgets. Widgets allow you to add content, contact forms, images to your website’s sidebar with drag and drop. If you have hundreds of pages, it will automatically populate all pages at once. This is the true power of a Content Management System. To SAVE TIME.

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Written by Jake